Pylons Letter

Withern and Stain Parish Council

24th January 2024

Dear Resident,

Subject: National Grid Pylon Project in Withern with Stain

I am writing to bring to your attention a great significance concerning our village of Withern with Stain. As you may be aware, there is a proposed National Grid pylon project in our area, and it is crucial that we, as a community, fully understand and address the potential impact this project may have on our unique and precious landscape.

Preservation of Unindustrial Landscape:

Withern with Stain boasts a rare and precious unindustrial landscape. Two previous major electricity grid connections—the Tritton Knoll OSW farm link and the Viking Link Interconnector—were placed underground to minimise impact. The additional costs incurred in burying cables were a conscious decision to mitigate the visual impact. Compromising this investment would be highly illogical by introducing overhead cables in the same areas.

Proximity to Wold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB):

Withern with Stain sits adjacent to the Wold AONB, and the proposed line runs very close to it. The AONB designation is not limited to the physical area within its boundaries but extends to the views from the AONB to the coast and vice versa. Erecting overhead lines close to the AONB edge has a material impact on its aesthetic value.

Agricultural Land Impact:

Overhead pylons occupy valuable prime agricultural land, resulting in permanent loss. Off Shore or underground cables, as demonstrated by the Viking Link, have no lasting effect on agricultural land productivity.

Wildlife Conservation:

Our Parish is home to two significant wildlife areas—the Withern Trout Farm fishing lakes and the flood overflow area alongside the Great Eau. The proposed overhead cables pose a significant hazard to numerous birds inhabiting these areas, including Heron and Geese.

Health and Environmental Impact:

The electromagnetic envelope of high-voltage overhead cables produces a significant hum, buzz, and crack, has been shown in some studies to harm health. Putting the cables off shore would eliminate any potential of long term, unknown at present, adverse effects on the well-being of our residents.

Mental Wellbeing and Natural Environment:

Withern with Stain's natural and unspoilt environment, with its numerous footpaths and cycleways, serves as a haven for residents and visitors alike. The potential introduction of noise, electromagnetic effects, and visual disruption would significantly negatively impact the mental well-being of our community.



In light of these concerns, it is imperative that we unite as a community to voice our shared apprehensions and actively contribute to finding alternative solutions that preserve the character and tranquillity of our Parish. To make our collective voice heard, I urge each resident to take the following steps:

Send Your Feedback by the 13th of March: All you need to do is write a letter stating, “I strongly object to the proposed pylons in Lincolnshire.” This can be sent it via free post to the following address: FREEPOST G To W (nothing else is needed on the envelope). Or via email to Of course, you can say more, and feel free to add any points in this letter you agree with, but the minimum needed is your objection and name and Address.

Spread the Word: Encourage your neighbours and fellow residents to participate by sharing information about the project and the importance of expressing our collective concerns.

By actively engaging in this process, we can significantly impact the decision-making process and advocate for an off-shore solution that best serves the interests of our community. This national infrastructure project should not impose health, wealth, and tourism burdens on the residents of Lincolnshire. Let us work together to ensure that the best option for all—offshore—is considered and implemented.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter. I am confident that our united efforts will play a pivotal role in protecting the beauty and essence of our village.


Warm regards,

Simon Acklam

Chair, Withern Parish Council